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product-focused software engineer


I'm jorenrui. A full stack web developer with 4 years of professional experience who has TailwindCSS, TypeScript, React.js and Rails in her toolbelt.

Uses code to solve mostly my own problems. Passionate in building and shipping products ๐Ÿš€. Specializes in code but also interested in a *lot* of different things.

I'm currently a IC Sr. Product Engineer working on a browser-native sandbox game. Before, I've worked on a no-code database at Tonic.

On the side, I play games and read books. Most of the times I'm focused working on my side projects,, a platform for saving and organizing online resources into a directed learning path and Suikun UI, a work-in-progress UI kit.

Created Paths

  • Premium Web Dev

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    Paid courses in web dev.

    • #web dev
  • Learn VueJS

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    Resources I've used to learn VueJS specifically the Composit...

    • #web dev
    • #VueJS
  • Becoming a Better Programmer


    A personal list of courses/books that helps to grow as a bet...

    • #career

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