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product-focused software engineer, creator of sutle


I'm jorenrui. A full stack developer with 2.5 years of professional experience who has TailwindCSS, TypeScript, ReactJS, NextJS and Rails in her toolbelt.

Uses code to solve mostly my own problems. Passionate in building and shipping products 🚀. Specializes in code but also interested in a *lot* of different things.

I'm currently a IC Sr. Product Engineer working on a browser-based sandbox game and no-code database at Tonic Labs. Before, I've worked on the profile, on-demand courses and event management at Lyon.

On the side, currently playing God of War Ragranok, and reading Lives of the Stoics. Most of the times, I'm working on my fav side project,, a platform for saving and organizing online resources into a directed learning path, and building other app ideas I have (setti coming soon 👀).

Created Paths

  • Learn Unity

    2 days ago

    1 upvote

    Resources I've used in learning Unity game engine and to get...

    • #game dev
  • Learn Elixir

    2 months ago

    • #web dev
    • #Elixir
  • Learn Piano

    2 months ago


    Resources I gathered to learn piano.

    • #music
    • #piano

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