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Sutle aims to cater to all things learning. Making "it" a path for learning online. From creating a learning path to bookmarking a resource you found, Sutle wants to provide it all.

With all that said, the app is now in beta with a new tech stack and design.

As of now, Sutle provides free access to unlimited creation of public resources, and learning paths. These are the features that I assure you will not be charged in the future. Creating an account on Sutle gives you "Free" or "Hobby" access. Currently, we're focused on extending the features for "Pro" accounts.

Sutle - Save and organize resources into a directed learning path. | Product Hunt

Made by @jorenrui

Sutle is a platform for saving and organizing online resources into a directed learning path.


Sutle provides you the tools you need to navigate and learn from the web.

Learning Paths

Personalize your learning by organizing online resources into a directed learning path that caters to your needs as a learner.

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Sutle allows you to save all the resources you find online in one place, make them easy to search through and share with the rest of the world.

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Subscribe to co-learners

See what your co-learners are consuming/creating by getting updates on resources they've bookmarked and learning paths they've created.

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Fork / Branch Out

Remix existing learning paths and make it your own. Reorder and customize it, sharing your own version of the path.

Read Later

Don't let bookmarks be untouched and buried for who knows how long. With Sutle, we give you daily unread bookmarks in your feed.


Organize your bookmarks not only by tags, but also by putting them in collections.

Pro Plan
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Browser Extension

No need to go to, easily bookmark websites with a tap using a browser extension.

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Path Collaboration

You don't have to be alone in creating a learning path. Collaborate with your co-learners in sharing what works.

Pro Plan
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and more...

Sutle is my, @jorenrui's, pet side project. I got tons of things I wanna do like learning path reviews, trying out RSS, organizations, and the like. All for stuff that will help not only me but we leaners in navigating knowledge from the web.

Future and beyond

Hello, from the creator.

I'm a full stack developer based in the Philippines
with 2.5+ years of professional experience.

Sutle started as a side project to learn TypeGraphQL. After implementing authentication, I decided to make an app out of it. The desire to document my learning progress and share how I learn made me decide to build Sutle.

"I want it to be an all-in-one toolkit for learning online."

As a lifelong learner, I wanna work and learn with Sutle for as long as possible. Tho I hope that not only I, but others will find some joy and value too in using Sutle.

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Joeylene Rivera@jorenrui
Creator of Sutle, Full Stack Developer
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