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Sutle is a platform for saving and organizing online resources into a directed learning path. It helps you to save resources you found useful online, and craft your own learning path that you can share with others.

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Sutle provides you the tools you need to navigate and learn from the web.

Learning Paths

Personalize your learning by organizing online resources into a directed learning path that caters to your needs as a learner.

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Sutle allows you to save all the resources you find online in one place, make them easy to search through and share with the rest of the world.

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Subscribe to co-learners

See what your co-learners are consuming/creating by getting updates on resources they've bookmarked and learning paths they've created.

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Fork / Branch Out

Remix existing learning paths and make it your own. Reorder and customize it, sharing your own version of the path.

Read Later

Don't let bookmarks be untouched and buried for who knows how long. With Sutle, we give you daily unread bookmarks in your feed.


Organize your bookmarks not only by tags, but also by putting them in collections.

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Frequently asked questions

If you didn't find what you're looking for, you can ask and email us at Moreover, you can also email us if you want to share some testimonials in using Sutle.

What are 'learning paths'?
It is a directed path of resources from the web. Think of it as a curriculum where the lessons points to a web page on the internet.
What are 'resources' and 'sources'?
Resources are website pages or links (ex. while sources are the domain or the host of a website (ex.
Do I need a credit card to get started?
No, you can start learning with the free plan. No need to enter your credit card information.
How to delete my account?
You can request an account deletion at Deleting your account is irreversible and will delete your created learning paths, saved bookmarks and data related to your account. What will not be deleted are forked/branched out of your created learning paths because they are a copy and customized version of your publicly shared learning path and is now owned by a different user. Moreover, public/paid learning paths with enrolled users will not be deleted. However, we will not show your name for the undeleted learning paths. In the future, we will make exporting and deleting data easier with a click of a button.
What is the tech stack?
Sutle is built using NextJS, TailwindCSS, TypeScript, Radix-UI, Rails, Redis, and PostgreSQL. We use Railway and Vercel for deployment. For emails, we use Postmark.
How Sutle is being funded?
Currently, Sutle is being self-funded and developed by Joeylene (jorenrui).
Why did you build Sutle?
Wanting to learn TypeGraphQL and create my first side project after college, I decided to build Sutle v1, remembering my struggles in learning web development online. But later on, I realized that I want to turn it into something that can help with learning. Thus redesigning and rewriting it with NextJS, TailwindCSS and Rails, I built a Sutle v2.