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A path as to how I got started in web dev and learned Laravel. When learning the ff resources, I recommend doing it on a daily basis or not binge-learning it.

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    When I started, I did the legacy front-end development certification. The most of important thing to know to get started is HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In this Responsive Web Design Certification, you'll learn the languages that developers use to build webpages: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) for content, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for design.


    After learning the web fundamentals (HTML, CSS, and JS). You can now start learning about frameworks and libraries. For me I started with: - Bootstrap - CSS framework - jQuery - JS library You can learn about the techs above in this resource's link. Tho in recent times, you may also be interested to try out: - AlphineJS - JS library - Tailwind CSS - utility-first CSS framework


    I recommend reading the Laravel documentation bit by bit. I'm a firm believer that in learning something, going straight to the "source of truth" is the best way to go since it will mostly include all the facts you need to know. Also while reading the docs, I was building my thesis web app at the same time. Building something is also one of the most effective way to learn (well it still was for me).


    While reading the Laravel docs, I was busy making this app for my thesis. Anyways, I strongly suggest building your own custom app in Laravel to get some practice. Or you can do my other strategy which is to get a job that uses those techs since working on that tech on the job can make learning faster especially when you have co-workers that you can asks questions to.